Stun Guns – 5 Most Shocking Myths


Immobilizers have been around for a long time, yet a great many people either don’t know the exact thing they are or how to really work them. Far more atrocious, there are a few pretty stunning legends about them. The following are 5 of the most well-known fantasies.


They Are Deadly.

This is just false, immobilizers don’t depend on torment for results, and they utilize a high voltage charge, which briefly incapacitates an assailants strong capacity and coordinated movements for a brief timeframe, typically a couple of moments. Since they utilize low 30-30 Winchester  the impacts are not lethal or extremely durable. Recollect the amps kill not the volts.


They Are Illegal.

Immobilizers are legitimate to convey and have in pretty much every city and state in America, but there are a few regions where they are not lawful to claim or have. Kindly look at all material state and city regulations prior to buying any self protection item.


They Will Shock You If You Are Touching An Attacker.

Regardless of how strong or compelling an immobilizer is the chance of the client being paralyzed while it is zero to stagger an assailant. The current essentially won’t go through an aggressor and into a client.


Immobilizers And Tasers Are The Same Thing.

This is most likely the greatest legend. This is the way the two contrast; an immobilizer should be actually squeezed against an assailant to convey a shock. A taser conveys two pointed prongs joined to a length of wire and can be released up to 15 feet away. This implies a client doesn’t need to genuinely contact an aggressor with the taser.


Immobilizers Are All The Same.

Immobilizers come in various voltage levels, shapes, measures even tones. With so many decisions accessible anybody can find one to suit their necessities or individual inclination, they are even accessible masked as a PDA or electric lamp.

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