Are Forex Reviews All Fake? – How to Safely Learn Currency Trading

 Are Forex Reviews All Fake? – How to Safely Learn Currency Trading


If you’ve ever tried to find some reliable Forex reviews (product reviews – to be more precise) then I’m sure you’ve noticed the number of review sites out there. They’re Broker check  reviewing all kinds of products: robots, systems, foreign exchange software, guides on how to learn currency trading and many more.

The worst part is that the results are not the same on most of them. Which means that a certain product can be ranked as #1 on one site and #172 on the other. And you know what? Some of these Forex reviews are not even real… that’s because the owner of the site is just an affiliate and he picked the product with the biggest commission as the first one in his ranking… in other words – it’s a Forex scam.

So you really should be aware of this fact when you go out on the internet trying to learn currency trading or find the perfect Forex program for yourself. Just because someone rated some product as the best one, doesn’t mean that it will be the perfect choice for you. And I don’t mean that the product is of poor quality. I’m just saying that you don’t really know what the motive was behind rating a certain product as the number one.

You should be careful when reading the forums as well. You see, often when you go to a forum you will find some bad reviews among other posts, and sometimes you’ll get convinced by them. What’s worth knowing is that usually the negative voices are louder than the positive ones. People just tend to write and talk about their negative experience more often than about the positive one.

(For example just watch the news. How much negative news there are comparing to the positive ones? It’s just the human nature – negative information is just more interesting.)



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