Everybody’s Time (Or, ‘First Witness’)

 Everybody’s Time (Or, ‘First Witness’)


A Room. Evening.


Bahrun at his work area. He  사설토토 inclines forward and says over his cellphone.


Bahrun Bring him in.


He sits back. The entryway opens. Tito strolls in, gradually. He looks unkempt. Cotton in his nose, it clearly was dying. His arms a hint wounded. The entryway closes behind him.


Bahrun (cont.) Hello! Goodbye. How are you this late evening? We should get directly down to business. I like to quit wasting time, no wish-wash talk. Everything except that. One man to another sort of talk, if you catch my drift. Plunk down.


Tito gradually sits in a seat before Mr. Bahrun’s work area.


Bahrun (cont.) There’s salt in your tears, have you at any point tasted them? You can’t project them away like things ablaze, similar to sins ablaze nor can the cherubim, or Seraphim, in spite of the fact that they can assist with making straight the way. When he has you he can do anything he loves. Do you figure he can’t? That is a psycho for you, did you know, Iblis, is his genuine name?


He laughs.


Bahrun (cont.) we are all in it together you know. No one has had the option to clarify it, nor had the endurance to outlast it. Not even the House of Baal, maybe a couple of prophets of Jehovah, maybe I say. You can’t drive it away like a plate of undesirable stew. You can’t say ‘It ought to have been something more.’ Can you see my point? You’re a God-fearing man. Do you realize a couple of individuals are brought to me here. The ones whose hearts are not shut. Do you suppose God favors one side? Try not to mind my coal looking face, it’s been a drawn out day.


He pours Tito a fix of bourbon.


Bahrun (cont.) in the event that you are pondering your significant other and youngsters, it’s sort of past the point of no return. Matter of reality, there’s actually no need to focus on them, it’s with regards to you, they’ll deal with their own.


He drinks the bourbon.


Bahrun (cont.) after death did you had any idea about there is a revival. Indeed, believe it or not, the soul starts to energize with the spirit, and every one of the entertaining random data of your life rises to the top. However much as could reasonably be expected. God has an approach to reproducing your life occasions. Furthermore I can hear you saying ‘Goodness that one’ and God says, ‘Didn’t you know him?’ and you reply, ‘Gracious that one ‘and God rejoins: ‘I figured you did.’ Incidentally assuming you’re actually pondering where your better half and kids are, they are in the other room, free from any and all harm, pausing, essentially pausing.


He drinks the lower part of the bourbon.


Bahrun (cont.) a gorgeous spouse you have, fortune has been good in that way for you.


He pours Tito another bourbon.


Bahrun (cont.) I see you can hold your liquor very well, you have a high capacity to bear bourbon. I’m somewhat talkative, and I attempt to be as amicable as possible, and as cheerful as admissible, not in a lighthearted way, but rather reflective. You see God is somewhat of a recluse, He barely shows up anyplace and when he does scarcely says a word. Rumors from far and wide suggest that he triumphs when it’s all said and done your last days set apart out, in all seriousness, and I shouldn’t say days, but instead he has it pinpointed to the exact moment, and you are as though remaining before a thundering train, without any brakes. How else treat think this is about? That’s the long and short of it!




Bahrun (cont.) Stand up!


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