Private Trust For Tax Free Investing Analyzed – Why a Charitable Foundation is Superior  

 Private Trust For Tax Free Investing Analyzed – Why a Charitable Foundation is Superior


Case Study of The Private Trust:

Private Trust Services claim they can set up a very inexpensive, legally sound, and very specially designed tax-free private trust for their clients. However, the strategy of a superior solution zurich is talked about in the last six paragraphs below. If you do not have time to read the whole article then go there now. But lets first define what a P.T. (private trust) is before we look at their trust in detail and before we decide on its legality for tax free investing and compare it with the charitable foundation strategy at the end of the article.

Before going any further we need to make the definition of a private trust clear: People who are looking for this kind of structure are looking for a legal way to keep their onshore or offshore assets private and hidden from those who would like to take them in some way. They are also looking for a legal way to gain tax free investing until something is paid out to them. Some would disagree with this complete definition, but if you get into the minds of most people who are looking, you would agree it is sound.

But we found that most trust services cater to the wealthy and so we looked high and low for an offshore services provider that would help anyone no matter how much money they have. If you are familiar with other private financial services you know that they charge very very high fees to set up legal structures for their clients. But this service provider charges low fees to make a private trust available to anyone for tax free investing. We decided to do our case study using P.T. Services to do a critique of the soundness of the private trust concept since everything about them is very good.

Private Trust Services – their strategies critiqued

Private Trust Services offer a FREE and unique banking and investment system for tax-free investing and compounding.

You may be thinking to yourself: “Well, my country has made tax-free investing via private trusts virtually impossible with all of their rules and regulations. It is impossible to have one of these since the tax authorities rule they are a sham.”



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