Safe Port Act – How It Affects Live Casino Play

 Safe Port Act – How It Affects Live Casino Play


Will the recent US legislation, as part of the Safe Port Act on Internet Gambling for Americans, reduce the growth of Vegas poker players?

The legislation prohibits banks from processing deposits for online for American onlin New Port Residences Price  e gambling. Many major online casinos have decided to preclude players residing in the United States from playing anymore. With these larger online poker sites, like Party Poker, which is a publicly held company, the decision usually stems from having the best interest of their stock holders in mind.

Two Las Vegas Companies, MGM Mirage and Harrah’s Entertainment will most likely be greatly affected by the Safe Port Act on Internet Gambling for Americans because they have hosted many of the tournaments for the large World Poker Tours which gain many entrants through the internet.

As many as 50% of the entrants in the tournaments come from entries into the Poker Tournaments through these major online poker sites. With the previous easy accessibility to poker gambling through the internet, the increase in live casino poker players to Las Vegas had increased. Now with the bill being approved, the number of Americans playing online may significantly diminish and as a result a potential decrease in new live casino players.



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