SEO – It’s a Funny Old Game

 SEO – It’s a Funny Old Game


SEO – It’s a funny old game

Today on my daily perusal of the world wide web I come across another “SEO guru” preaching that in his humble opinion you cannot make money online anymore, it’s to hard to 270 WSM Ammo     find a profitable niche and that it’s now time to start exploring other avenues to make money online.

Before I disagree with this gentleman’s point of view I would like to take issue with his attitude…that’s right Mr. SEO Guru I’m gunning for your rather pessimistic point of view, if you want to manifest money online then you got to have the right attitude! Maybe Mr. SEO Guru used to be an economist before his internet marketing days because we all know that economists have successfully predicted 18 of the last 2 recessions!

Let me climb down from my high horse a second as I’m starting to get vertigo.

It’s still very possible to make money online and here’s why, keyword research, now before other SEO folk out there roll there eyes at the thought of another keyword research article lets not forget the people who are just stepping in to the world of search engine optimisation, which can be quite cloak and dagger as people are sometimes reluctant of sharing there tried, tested and proven ideas.

What do I mean by keyword research?

“Keyword research is a practice used by search engine optimization professionals to find and research actual search terms people enter into the search engines when conducting a search.”

In other words what do people type into Google when looking for your business. Its your job to find out and optimise your site around those words.



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