Some Information About Police Clearance Certificate

 Some Information About Police Clearance Certificate


When it comes to joining in some organizations and acquiring documents like passport, immigration, Visa, etc… it is essential that the candidates will have to provide proof  Equivalency certificate  that they are free from any form of criminal records. When an individual is applying for job in a foreign nation or when he has got transferred by his organization to a foreign country and he will have to immigrate to the other nation, the country to which he is immigrating will require that he should provide a documentary proof of his unbiased criminal records. This is generally considered a daunting task by the individuals immigrating. So, to get out of this worry, it is essential that they should understand how to obtain these records. Some of the tips for the same are given below:

As mentioned earlier, the candidate should prove that he is free of any criminal record. So, how to prove the same? He has to provide police clearance certificate from the local police belonging to his area. So, what is this certificate all about?

This particular certificate is called by other names like criminal clearance, certificate of good conduct, behavior certificate and conviction record. Irrespective of the name, the purpose is to prove that the candidate is free from any form of guilty verdict.

When applying for visa or immigration services any individual, who has resided for more than six months in a nation and who has attained 18 years of age will have to submit Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) to the nation to which he is immigrating. Indians who are going to immigrate to other na



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