Speedy Guide to IBM 000-105 Exam – Tips and Latest Certification Trends

 Speedy Guide to IBM 000-105 Exam – Tips and Latest Certification Trends


Power Systems with POWER7 and AIX Sales – v1 is one of the most far reaching IBM innovations. This unavoidable quality has constrained the organizations to relocate and experts to seek after Power Systems with POWER7 and AIX Sales (000-105) innovations. Related with IBM Certified Sales Specialist and Sales Expert certificates, IBM 000-105 has an expansive scope suggestion. Resultantly, experts are redesigning their 59y5260 ranges of abilities and associations are moving to the most current, effective 000-105 Power Systems foundation quicker than at any other time. IBM Certified Sales Specialists and Sales Experts have incredible employment opportunities across the globe and IBM 000-105 assessment achievement might dispatch you in those universally profiled conditions to begin getting higher pay and motivations.


To the extent 000-105 foundation and prerequisites are concerned, IBM 000-105 test (Power Systems with POWER7 and AIX Sales – v1) is classified inside IBM Certified Sales Specialist and IBM Certified Sales Expert accreditations. During the IBM 000-105 assessment, you should answer 29 (29) inquiries in a time span of sixty (an hour) wherefore to get 58% as the most un-passing score. IBM 000-105 test is just accessible in English language. It is additionally suggested that you visit the relative 000-105 information page now and again and update yourself as the progressions happen.


What areas does IBM 000-105 cover? As laid out by ibm.com, you ought to expect IBM 000-105 test to give the accompanying substance in understanding the relative weight/rate:


Pre-imperative Knowledge (47%)


Portray the Differences between Various AIX Editions

Portray Memory Visualization Options

Recognize the Capabilities of Workload Partitions (WPARS)

Clarify the Up time Advantages of AIX (for example Memory Protection Keys, Dynamic Kernel Updates)

Portray Linux Solutions for Power

Portray the Synergies of AIX and DB2

Portray the Competitive Issues Specific to Appliances (for example Exadata)

Portray Software Maintenance Offerings (for example SWMA, Linux Support)

Opportunity Development (10%)


Recognize Application Requirements, Issues, and Pain Points that Are Relevant to the Choice of Operating System

Decide the Appropriate Operating System to Meet Customer Requirement

Deals Strategy (13%)


Decide the Ways to Overcome Objections to AIX/Linux

Recognize Techniques to Deal with Application Portability

Select Architectural Options to Provide Competitive Advantage (3-level in a case, 2-level)

Arrangement Design (13%)


Figure out Which Visualization Option Meets Customer Requirements

Decide the Resiliency Solution that Meets Customer Requirements

Proposition (13%)

Position Visualization Options versus Contest

Use Benchmarks to Position Performance Advantages

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