The Police Service Dog

 The Police Service Dog


The dog handlers have a demanding role and work with the dogs on a daily basis to ensure they are training to the highest level possible to help solve crime. When a먹튀폴리스  handler arrives at the scene he will always be accompanied by his dog.

The police dogs are taught to provide assistance to officers in criminal situations. These dogs are usually referred by the term K9, which sounds like the word canine.

Due to the importance of this dog, the are specially looked after and often kept in specially designed kennels. In many jurisdictions the intentional injury or killing of a police service dog is a serious crime and the perpetrator is subjected to harsh penalties. In some places the injuring of a service dog if often regarded as being on the same level as injuring a police officer.

In addition, if the unfortunate incident occurred where a police dog was killed whilst on duty they are given a complete police funeral in the same way that a police officer would be. Some of the functions performed by police service dogs are as follows:

  1. Police order enforcement dog

In this case these dogs are used to enforce public order by chasing and holding suspects, or detaining suspects.

  1. Tracking

It is referred to locating of suspects or finding missing persons and objects.

  1. Detecting illicit objects



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