What is better for me, laminate or real wood flooring?

What is better for me, laminate or real wood flooring?




The dilemma of “laminate” vs “real wood flooring” is not necessarily one of objective/hierarchical decisions of one being better than the other. Each type of flooring has its pros and cons. It is the needs of the user that will determine which flooring material is best.

Wood flooring
You can find this type in many different styles. It is the traditional flooring option. Real wood flooring is a long-lasting gulvafslibning københavn product. Real wood flooring can be made from either wood (“solid floor”) or a less expensive wood with a thin layer of desirable/expensive hardwood on top (“engineered flooring”) and is the best choice for high-quality flooring.

Laminate flooring
This flooring is made of high density fibre. This flooring is more affordable, requires less maintenance and can be cut/trimmen without the need for specialist skills (most pieces have uniform repeating patterns). People who need to cover large areas with a cost-effective, durable material like laminate flooring are likely to choose it. Laminate floorings can be damaged if they are scratched or worn through.

The first question, “Do I want laminate or real wood flooring?” is answered by one of the following requirements. Laminate flooring would be the most cost-effective option if it is intended for moderate to heavy use (e.g., in a work area or in a hallway that is frequented). Laminate flooring will provide a high level of protection and durability. A high-end, real wood flooring option is an alternative. Wooden floors, which are more expensive than the best laminates, offer a better option. However, they cost much more. A low-end engineered wood flooring would not be sufficient for such a situation.

Practical everyday utility is another consideration. The effect on property values. Real flooring is more expensive. This is well-known. This does not reflect the actual quality of the flooring, but rather how it is perceived. Wooden floors are associated with quality, homeliness, and old-times. While not all wood floors can be described as such, this is a common distinction when selling a home.


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